RADA has designed its solutions in order to optimize launch in production the new product and/or product engineering changes and to reduce the Discrete Manufacturing processes inefficiencies by leveraging an effective and agile Manufacturing Data Management solution.

RADA has focused its solutions to the optimization of the product launch in production and to its changes during its life cycle and to the reduction of the inefficiencies caused by:

Lay-out organization constraints

Not optimized lead-times

Inadequate processes

Inadequate maintenance

Weak production methods and processes

Lack of manufacturing resources training

Wrong manufacturing processes design

Lack of performance indicators (KPIs)

Inefficient production planning and sequencing

Quality in production

RADA solutions include:

Plant lay-out management including multiple production lines scenario

MBOM and engineering changes management

Product MBOM management according to the order release date

Equipment and tools association

Time analysis

Line Balancing

Product/process configured cycle management according to the order release date

PFMEA and control plans

Quality Instructions

OEE within the TMP

Visual Performance Management

Integration with the PDM, the ERP, the MES and with the supply chain and warehouse tools