Four professionals with highly complementary skills that have made a bet in the very early stage of their professional career are the foundation of RADA management team. They have succeeded to continue to develop and to evolve RADA solutions and services according to the industry needs by leveraging the quality of their interpersonal relationship combined with the high complementarity of attitudes and competences. The quality of RADA management is the key of its ability to gain and to maintain in the time the trust of the Clients while ensuring a dynamic and flexible approach combined with consistency and reliability.

Gianfranco Palmieri

Gianfranco is the founder of RADA together with Renato Pagliari by becoming the majority shareholder and the CEO. He has always worked very closely with the Manufacturing Engineering management of major manufacturing companies and he has acquired a very deep knowledge of the product launch and production management processes and of their evolution within the "Lean Manufacturing" context.
The cooperation with IVECO and with Fiat has allowed him to live in first person the cultural shift associated to the extensive implementation of the World Class Manufacturing principles and methodologies. He has played a major role in the design of the IT solutions that are the foundation of RADA products and PROD-LAUNCH is the outcome of his deep business process understanding and knowledge. Still by now Gianfranco spends a major part of his time with the major Clients to assess the needs of the plants and to define with his project teams to provide the adequate mix of consistent and sustainable solutions, services and product enhancements.

Renato Pagliari

Renato contributes with Gianfranco Palmieri to the startup of RADA by bringing a vast experience in automation of the discrete manufacturing and material management processes, from the precision mechanics to vehicle assembly processes by working with Lenco, Fiat and Pininfarina. He brings in RADA highly valuable knowledge of product and process design and of production equipment design. With RADA he has started and managed the long term cooperation with Fata Aluminium in the space of aluminum casting, milling and coupling/painting machinery engineering. He has similarly worked with Comau in the space of material handling and of production lines feeding. Later on he has worked with IVECO on the Daily light truck restyling and launch in production and as next he has provided the same activity for the medium and heavy-duty trucks. BY working with IVECO on the "Ergonomics" project he has gained a relevant knowledge on workplace optimization and in particular by adopting the EAWS system on the risk related to biomechanical overload. This unique mix of experiences has been the key for the design of various RADA solutions and for the definition of LEAN-PROD and has allowed him to become an effective and trusted Customer Advisor.

Michele D'Onghia

Michele, after achieving his degree in Electronics Engineering, has started his career in Alenia Sistemi Avionici where he has gained relevant experiences in the space of design and testing of real-time data acquisition by participating to the EFA project (European Fighter Aircraft). Within this context, he has also practiced the utilization of most of the available IT technologies in conjunction with the rigorous design and project documentation methodologies adopted in the aerospace industry. He joins RADA in 1996 by taking the responsibility of the management of the software projects by personally leading most of the Manufacturing Engineering and Manufacturing Management projects mainly FPT Industrial, IVECO and Magneti Marelli. He currently manages with the same enthusiasm his CTO role and he plays a major role in ensuring the solicit upgrade of RADA solutions by keeping the pace with evolution of the IT technologies.

Francesco Pugliese

Francesco, after achieving his degree in Nuclear Engineering, has started his activity by teaching in technical high schools and he has meanwhile stared to work part-time with RADA until 1996, when he formally joins the company by becoming a member of the management team and taking the responsibility of the design of the technical architectures and of the databases. In the time, he takes the responsibility of the technical design of the software products that RADA has progressively developed. By leveraging his previous teaching experience, he takes in charge the hiring of the new resources focused on software design and development and of the training activities addressed to the users of RADA solutions and products. He currently still plays a major role in the design and tuning of the databases that in this context are crucial in term of functionality and of system performances.