Our History

Four young engineers, still active in the company, founded RADA in 1992 with the end in mind to develop IT solutions within the domain of Manufacturing Process Engineering by ensuring the continuous evolution by working very closely with primary automotive and heavy equipment OEMs and with their component suppliers.

A team of young engineers with a background in the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing engineering sectors has started RADA in Turin in 1992.
The uniqueness of RADA resides in the intuition that it was possible to automate with IT solutions a major part of engineering activities that it was manually performing for Comau and IVECO with the benefit of higher productivity and quality of the outcomes.
Starting from this strategic vision, RADA team started immediately to imagine possible solutions rapidly transformed in tangible project and software products without having yet a committed client.
RADA meanwhile proceeded in manually developing production cycles and performing time analysis. At the same time, by leveraging this experience, it developed the first version of RADA MDM that has been introduces in IVECO in 1996 a supplied as next to other clients until it became in the time the current PROD-LAUNCH suite.
In those years RADA sustained itself by providing design services to major engineering companies like COMAU and FATA Aluminium.
In 1998, it has developed its own CAD software as a complement of RADA MDM in order to allow the clients to execute the manufacturing engineering activity without spending big money on expensive software licenses.
RADA has redesigned MDM in year 2000 by leveraging the experience acquired by working closely with the user community of various plants of different clients with the objective to make more intuitive and easy to use by the plant manufacturing engineering teams.
RADA has started in 2008 to practice with the World Class Manufacturing pillars by supporting IVECO, FPT Industrial and Magneti Marelli projects.
It started in 2009 the development of the LEAN-PROD suite that has been progressively growing in the next years with new functional modules.
RADA has finalized the current version of PROD-LAUNCH in 2011.
It has developed in 2013 PROD-COST by leveraging the experiences made in the time with IVECO and with FPT Industrial.
It has developed in 2014 the new ANALYTICS module as part of the LEAN-PROD suite as result of the continuous evolution of the suite to keep pace with the industry increasing needs.